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shoe update

these allegedly arrive today. we'll see.

firsts today

Gave my first F.
Rode the Hillcrest shuttle for the first time.
Took advantage of a warranty on my car. Goooood move on the warranty.


I refuse to give a lab tour if I do not have a lab.

Being that it will be my birthday, I will probably go drink a caipirinha instead.


waiter, there's a fly in my soap

my dish soap, that is. my lovely organic hippie colorless green-apple-flavored dish soap. (for you chomsky fans out there, that was totally accidental.)

i came back from vacation/conferencing a few weeks ago and a fruit fly, the result of undone dishes, had drowned in it. i was semi-grossed, but squirted him out and washed as usual. but man, the sink reeked--this awful, putrid, sulfurous reek. i figured it was something stuck in a pot, that then got stuck in the drain, and has continued to reek from there ever since.

but last night i was doing dishes and decided that the reek was coming from my dish soap. i made M verify this (much to her displeasure), and tonight i threw it away.

does anyone out there have ANY idea what happened? did the fly make it go rancid? is organic fruit-flavored liquid soap just a bad idea?

yay, I think

I just got my course reviews back from last quarter. I was a little scared to look, but they turned out pretty well, with a 93% overall approval rating for the course. I think that's good, though if it *is* good I'm a little worried about keeping up a high level of performance.

The TA's got a lot of props too. I was no help there, as I had no idea at the outset what to tell them to do, so whatever they did right they did themselves.

Also, someone wrote that it seemed unfair and mean to single out students who were text messaging in class. It's not appropriate classroom behavior, they thought, but I occasionally got unexpectedly rude and embarrassed them in front of the class.

They also thought they were getting better grades on average. Of course, maybe they did get those grades, as only about 2/3 of the class was there to do the evaluation, and I'm guessing it was the top 2/3.

The eyetracker is being crappy. I have a graph of it being crappy, which I would post here if I could. As always, it's hard to tell if it's the eyetracker itself being stupid, or the interface I'm using.

If we designed computers, why is it so flipping hard to understand what they do??!? And not just by me, by actual software engineers. I think at this point I deserve my merit badge in cowboy software design.

terror alert level

Terror Alert Level

[as seen on web page of a prospective TA]


In addition to being cute, she also overregularizes ("blowed up"). I think I'm going to have to use this in a class.

too fun.

I was surprised there weren't more.

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Leonardo was left-handed and gay!! Woohoo!!

Random article on left-handedness.

I brush my teeth left-handed. Does that give me some credit?



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